Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back From Hibernation

Hi all. I am back after a long time. This last semester was very tough. Had a lot of stress upon me. Living away from home is one of the major drawback. Personal interests cannot be carried out the way it has to be when you are living away from home. Blogging took a back-seat while I was at school last semester. Well!! I am happy that I am done with school for the next two months. Have to enjoy being at home and enjoy my trip to my home country-India this month. I am so very looking forward to the trip :)

Blogging came into being quite a few years back. I have many friends who have been very active bloggers ever since the inception of blogging. I have always looked at their blogs, enjoyed reading them and admired them for having been so creative and being able to dedicate much time into it. Then got busy with work and life took a new twist. When I got married and came into the US about 18 months back, I was just at home and idle. Blogging never occurred to me at that time when I was at home (I was just enjoying my newly married life and roaming places). If it had, Things would have definitely been different. Anyways!

Gradually I started school and got very busy with my studies. Had not time for any extra-curricular activities. One day, just browsing through the internet for some good recipes, I stumbled upon a very good Indian vegetarian food blog. That blog led me into another and another and the list went endless. It was then that I realized that the chain was so huge and the passion for cooking among various people was humongous. It was then that new ideas got into me..

 Of late I developed this interest in blogging. Creating this blog was not at all easy for me. I had to think much and put in a lot of time and gain good will power to create this blog. There were constant questions going on in my mind while creating this blog. Will I be able to do justice? Will I be able to dedicate the time I need to give this? My self-confidence was put to test. But then I decided that I will do what I am capable of. Cooking has been my passion and I will give it my best shot. It is something that I do to bust my stress. There have been a lot of bloggers lately who have been doing a remarkable job. Kudos to them all..

I have to get back to active blogging soon and I will do so shortly. Since I am a novice at this, I need some time to get started. Definitely!! I will keep trying and give my best to make this site a useful and an active one. I will keep my blog very simple and informative. Hope my readers will enjoy reading my blog and encourage me to perform well. Hope to be back soon with some good and new recipes. Happy Cooking!!

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