Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to The US- My Home Sweet Home

I just got back Home in the US and I am missing my family (Especially my Mommy dearest and my cute little sister)so very much. I am just not able to concentrate well on any work here at home. I have had a wonderful stay back in India and enjoyed lots of good yummy food prepared by my Mom. I enjoyed all the pamper that I got from my Mom during my stay there.I have to get accustomed to the usual routine here now. I hope to be back with some nice dishes soon on my space.Hope everyone had a wonderful time during Navratri and looking forward eagerly to celebrate Diwali.


Pushpa said...

Welcome back.Hope you are feeling much better.

Pushpa @

Gayu said...

Yeah Pushpa..I am doing much better now..Thank you :)

aipi said...

Hey Gayu..welcome back dear..hope you have settled done by now..looking forward to seeing more posts from you :)

US Masala

Gayu said...

Thanks Aipi..Just settling down..Will be here with a new post soon! Take care!