Saturday, October 2, 2010

Murungai Elai Poriyal/Drumstick leaves Curry

Drumstick is a well known vegetable in Southern part of India. It is grown in many homes in South India.The leaves of the same tree are also used in making curries and gravies. The leaves of drumstick are small and oval-round in shape.

My granny has mainly lived on natural products and uses natural methods to treat minor health ailments.Since we had a drumstick tree at home, we had very easy access to drumstick. And through my Granny, I have got to know many benefits of Drumstick.They are very rich in calcium and phosphorus.It also acts as a cleanser of the intestinal tract as it is known to have some antibacterial properties .It is also rich in Vitamin C and is responsible for developing good immunity and purifying the blood.

Drumstick and its leaves are known for their curative properties. They can be used for people of all age groups. Infants and children can also consume drumstick and its leaves as it is known to strengthen bones and develop immunity.It is also used as a natural cure for respiratory infections, Digestive disorders and also used to cure urinary tract infections. The leaves are crushed and applied on the face to get rid of pimples too.

{Extras:It is also said that while seperating the leaves from the main stalk, we should not allow the leaves to come in contact with the ground or the floor(In older days cutting of vegetables was done by a special gadget/cutting knife known as "Aruvamanai" which had to be put to use for cutting vegetables by sitting on the floor only). It is said that doing such thing would increase the bitterness of the leaves.}

Murungai elai poriyal/Drumstick leaves curry is a dry curry made of Drumstick leaves and coconut.Here is the recipe to make this.


Drumstick leaves - 2 cups (seperated from stalk)
Coconut - 1 cup - grated
Dry red chillies - 4-5 (or According to taste)
Salt - According to taste
Oil - 2 tbsp
Mustard seeds - 2 tsp
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Curry leaves - A sprig of leaves


  • Take a vessel and boil water by adding salt to it.Once water is boiled remove from heat and add the drumstick leaves to it and let it wilt.
  • Put the grated coconut and the dry red chillies and blend it into a coarse paste.
  • Take a kadai/pan and add oil. Once the oil is heated add the mustard seeds,urad dal and curry leaves.
  • Once the mustard crackles, add the coarsely grated paste and fry till the raw smell is gone.
  • Strain the water and add the wilted drumstick leaves to the pan.
  • Saute well for a few minutes and cover and cook on low flame for 5-6 minutes.
  • Serve with rice or roti.


aipi said...

Delicious curry..this is my favorite with simple rice n daal..nice recipe..
first time here..i like your space ,nice collection of recipes..i liked your blog's name too:)
will be here often.
do drop by my space sometime.

US Masala

Gayu said...

Thank you Aipi..It is very encouraging to get comments like this..Your blog is so awesome..I am a follower of it now..I like the template a lot and it is great that you have so many recipes in such a short span of time..Well done..Keep in touch..

Soma said...

I am seeing the drumstick leaves after a long time! nice recipe.We had the tree at home and now I miss such comfort food.

Gayu said...

Yeah Soma..Since I am in India now, I am able to taste yummy yummy food ;)