About Me

I am Gayu- currently balancing between being a student and a sweet wife..(No harm in calling myself sweet)..I love cooking, reading, Carnatic classical music and gardening. I do manage to multi-task at time. Vegetarian cooking has always been my passion. My Grand-Mom and my Mom have been a great source of inspiration to me behind my cooking interests. They have inculcated in me, very rich cultural values, broad minded views and of course traditions of our family. My sweet little sis and my Dad were my initial food critic (should I say Guinea pigs??). Initial days of my cooking were very limited to typical Tamil Brahmin cuisines. After marriage, I am trying to experiment with cooking in many different ways and try recreating new dishes. My DH is of course my food critic. He loves eating the food I prepare (or does he pretend to like it-for me???)

Personally,I am a person who likes to live in my own world and love to help others!I like to be around with good friends and strive to create a very happy and a pleasant environment around me all the time.Fighting boredom is of utmost importance to me as I can never sit idle and do nothing.

Hope you all will enjoy going through my blog and share your warm and wonderful thoughts with me. I thank you all immensely for supporting me and hope that I will receive such support throughout. All comments are welcome but please be considerate enough..I have a heart and make sure you keep this little heart of mine ever happy!!


Preetha Karthik said...

Oh Its very nice, Gayu :))Iam sure your hubby will enjoy the food you make. Like your page a lot. Good luck dear !ot

Meenal Mehta said...

Lovely blog here and nice to meet you Gayu:) enjoyed my time here !

sathu said...

hi iam sathya where r u living.
iam mom of two kids from chennai now in US for 9 yrs, got some intro thru my friend to these cooking blogs. nice to visit ur blog

sathya rajagopal