Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome to my new Blog!

Hello Everyone,

At last, I am close to accomplishing my dream of writing my own blog. I have never attempted to write a blog but always had dreams of it. Today it is like a dream come true. Initially I thought that blogging was a serious thing. I thought that bloggers would write about serious topics and about their experiences in life. As I browse the internet for all blogs, I am amazed at the number of blogs that are out there and on a wide range of topics.

Blogs on cooking are topping the list! Oh boy! Blogging can be fun too.. Realized it very late but then "Better late than never".So here I am with my blog. Cooking has always been a passion for me.I am a novice at cooking. My role-model in life, My Mother, has always pampered me and cooked delicacies for me. I never felt the need to take cooking seriously. It was when I got married that I tried my hand at cooking. Guess what, I was enjoying every bit of it. It was experimenting initially but then I realized that its all about trials and errors.Then cooking became a passion for me and I was trying different cuisines.

This blog is dedicated to my family, my Mother whom I adore the most in the world, my late Grandmother from whom I imbibed the cultural values and learnt a lot about our tradition, my Father who has been a great support and has motivated me and to my dearest sister who has been with me from childhood till now to share all my feelings, dreams and aspirations and has been a great friend to me. My Husband has been a constant support to me and has encouraged me in every way to realize my dreams and aspirations. In my blog I will be sharing very simple and easy-to-make recipes.I myself am not a very great culinary person. I will try my best to provide you all with simple recipes to enjoy cooking and relish home made food.

I need a lot of encouragement and good wishes from all my readers who visit my blog. Please feel free to leave any comments, be it positive or negative. I will try to be innovative and creative and make my blog interesting. Kindly leave any suggestions to improve my blog.Hope everyone will enjoy reading my blog.Thank you for being a part of the blogging-cooking family!

Happy Cooking and Happy Blogging!

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