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Shri Rama Navami

Ram Navami is festival celebrated by the Hindus. This festival is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Rama. Lord Rama was the son of King Dasharath. Lord Rama restored peace and Dharma by defeating the demon king Ravana.

On this auspicious day of Ram Navami, which is the ninth day of the Vasantha Navaratri (Navaratri of the Spring Season) we serve Kosambari which is a snack dish made out of soaked lentils cucumber and coconut, Neer Mor which is watery buttermilk with herbs and spices and Panagam which is a sweet drink made of jaggery and cardamom.

I am posting the above mentioned recipes and hope you all have a blessed year ahead with the grace of Lord Shri Rama.

आपदम्-अपहर्तारम् दातारं सर्व संपदां
Apadam-apahartAram dAtAram sarva sampadAm
लोकाभिरामं श्रीरामम्  भूयो भूयो नमाम्यहम् ॥
lokAbhirAmam shrIramAm bhooyo bhooyo namAmyaham
आर्तानामार्तिहन्तारम् भीतानां भीतिनाशनं
ArtAnAmArtihantAram bheetAnAm bheeti-nAshanam
द्विषतां कालदण्डं तं रामचन्द्रं नमाम्यहम्  ॥
dvishatAm kAladanDam tam rAmchandram namAmyaham
सन्नद्धःकवची खड्गी चापबाणधरो युवा
sannaddhah kavachI khaDgI chApabANadharo yuvA
गच्छन् ममाग्रतो नित्यं रामः पातु सलक्ष्मणः ॥
gachchan mamagrato nityam rAmah pAtu salakshmaNah 
नमः कोदण्डहस्ताय संधीकृत-शराय च 
namah kodanDa-hastAya sandhIkruta-sharAya cha
खण्डीताखिल-दैत्याय रामापायन्-निवारिणे  ॥
khaNDItAkhila-daityAya rAmApAyan-nivAriNe
रामाय रामभद्राय रामचन्द्राय वेधसे 
rAmAya rAmabhadrAya ramachandrAya vedhase
रघुनाथाय नाथाय सीतायाः पतये नमः ॥
raghunAthAya nAthAya seetAyah pataye namah
अग्रतः पृष्ठतश्र्चैव पार्श्र्वतश्र्च महाबलौ 
agratah prushThataschaiva pArsvatascha mahAbalau
आकर्णपूर्ण-धन्वानौ रक्षेतां रामलक्षमणौ ॥ 
AkarNapoorNa-dhanvAnou rakshetAm rAmalakshmaNau

Source: Nandini


Kosambari is a snack dish made out of soaked lentils, cucumber and coconut along with some seasoning and tempering.


Moong dal - 1/2 cup
Chana Dal - 2 tbsp
Freshly grated coconut - 1/3rd cup
Mini seedless cucumbers - 2 (Finely Chopped)

For Seasoning:

Ghee - 2 tsp
Mustard seeds - A few
Asafoetida - A pinch
Salt - To taste
Curry leaves - A few
Cilantro - Finely Chopped - 1 tbsp

  • Soak the chana dal and Moong dal for 2 hours and drain off the water completely.

  • In a big bowl, combine the 2 dals, add finely chopped cucumber and the grated coconut and salt.

  • Prepare the tempering with the ghee, mustard seeds, asafoetida and the curry leaves. Allow the tempering to cool and then add it in the bowl.
  • Combine all the ingredients well and Kosambari is ready for Neivedyam.

             Neer Mor

Neer Mor is watery buttermilk with herbs and spices.


Curd - 1 cups
Water - 2 cups
Salt - To taste
Ginger - Grated - 1 tbsp (You can even use powdered ginger)
Curry Leaves - A few
Asafoetida / Hing - 2 pinches
Cilantro - Finely chopped - 2 tbsp
Tempering of mustard in 2 tsp ghee (optional)

  • Whisk together the curd and the water well so that it gets frothy.

  • Add the rest of the ingredients and whisk it in really well.
  • Add the tempering only after it has cooled down completely.
  • Neer Mor is Ready For Neivedyam.


Panagam is a sweet drink made of water, lime/lemon juice, jaggery and cardamom.


Juice of lemon - 1 tbsp
Water - 2 cups
Grated / Powdered Jaggery - 1/4th cup
Grated Ginger / Powdered Ginger - 2 tsp
Powdered Cardamom - 1/4th tsp

  • Dissolve the jaggery in the water.

  • To this add the ginger, cardamom and lemon juice.
  • Panagam is ready to be served.

  • Always add the tempering once it has cooled down completely as none of these dishes involve cooking with heat.
  • Make sure you have fresh ingredients for an authentic taste. Even if you do not have you can improvise with the things available in your pantry.
  • You can substitute brown sugar for jaggery.

Ramaya Ramabhadraya Ramachandraya Vedase !

Raghunathaya Nadhaya Sithayaha pathaye namaha !!

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